Another E3 has come and gone. Every year the massive Electronic Entertainment Expo shows off the latest and greatest from the world of video games. While it’s tough to say there’s a correlation between the awesomeness of a great E3 trailer and the quality of the final product, boy howdy did this year’s show have some doozies.

We’ve waded through dozens of trailers and these are the ones that got us the most excited. Grab your Mountain Dew and lick the Cheetos dust off your fingers – this is Zerply’s 2015 E3 Trailer Roundup!

Shortest wait between E3 Trailer and release date – Arkham Knight


Most exciting new technology – Microsoft Hololens


Best reminder why high school was so lonely – Final Fantasty VII Remake Teaser


Coolest way to look like a lunatic – Oculus Rift Touch


Best looking sequel to a franchise reboot – Rise of the Tomb Raider


Best reminder that there’s a new Star Wars movie in less than 6 months (!) – Star Wars: Battlefront


Coolest throwback to rubber-hose animation you didn’t know you wanted – Cuphead


The “I’ll believe it when I see it” award – The Last Guardian


Most gripping yarn (get it?) – Unravel


So, apparently parkour is still a thing in the future – Mirror’s Edge 2


Most impressive new IP – Horizon Zero Dawn


Most interesting art direction – Firewatch

That’s it for E3 2015. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for these games to land in our grubby little paws so we can shun sunlight and family members. So much work went into each and every one of these games, we can’t wait!

Image credit: Ben Stiefel