We are amazed at all the love being shown for the New Public Profile so far. Thanks to some of your thoughtful feedback we’ve been able to make some big improvements! For those of you not yet familiar with the new layout here’s our top five tips for turbo-boosting your New Public Profile.

1. Update your availability

The new public profile has a simple contact form allowing visitors to your profile to enquire about your availability, make sure your status is up to date.

2. Highlight your best projects


You might not be so proud of your last project and that’s why we let you customize your project order on the new public profile to put your best projects up front.

3. Re-arrange your work

Some pieces just don’t sit well together and that’s not a problem with the newly added ability to re-order works and get that perfect layout.

4. Add some links


IMDB, LinkedIn, Vimeo, any link can be added to your new public profile, making it easier for people to find out more about you.

5. Update your resume


Lastly, make sure your resume is up to date and reflecting your current employment status.

Enjoy the new public profile, and as always – get in touch via hi@zerply.com if you have any feedback!