• Summer 2015 Scorecard – The Good, The Bad and the Meh

    The summer movie season has officially wrapped and this year’s crop of animated and VFX-driven films was bountiful. There were some standouts, some historically bad flops and a wide variety of films in between. As we enter the Fall season (a.k.a the doldrums), we investigate what worked, what didn’t and what it means.

  • News Roundup – 9.4.15

    If you’re inspiration meter is running low, it has been a particularly plentiful week for fascinating new projects, new crowdfunding opportunities and personal short films. Fuel up!

  • I tried my first PAX Prime…and I think I liked it.

    I thought I was a gamer. I grew up with a steady diet of Mario Kart and Megaman and graduated up through the console generations until the PS3. But one minute on the PAX show floor in Seattle, Washington and I could tell the ship had left me at the port eons ago. I’m back to being a gamer in training. Or, in parlance of the times, a “noob.”

  • News Roundup – 8.28.2015

    In an effort to keep you informed of the latest happenings in our industries, we’re starting an ongoing roundup of the news that you may have missed.

  • Pixar teams up with Khan Academy

    Khan Academy and Pixar Animation Studios have teamed up to provide a guided online learning path that details how animated feature films are made.

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