1025824-bron-media-names-brenda-gilbert-president-animationAnimation News

Bron Media names Brenda Gilbert as President of animation

Charlie Kaufman’s “Anomalisa”

Behind the scenes with “Peanuts”

David Bates returns to Reel FX as general manager

Gnomon alumni offer tips on breaking in

“Cover them with Compost”

Make this “Dragon’s Lair” movie happen

TippettStudio_Monsters_reel_02VFX news

Tippett Studios – Monsters Reel

Muse VFX delivers chilling effects for “Dusk Till Dawn” series

VFX studio makes motion control and CGI look easy

ILM London adds veteran VFX supervisor David Vickery

Digital Dimensions Cinematics Reel

Electric Theatre Collective/ Line Animation open shop in LA

Oscar Nominee Pat McClung joins Fuse FX

Watch a replay of all the talks from the Blender Conference

Detroit_QuanticDreamVideo Game News

First trailer for “Detroit”

Rovio vets form Lightneer Studio

Every trailer from Sony’s Pars games week 2015

eSports market to approach $2 billion by 2018

“Don’t expect original IP to sustain your studio”

“Star Wars: Battlefront” Launch trailer

Did SXSW cancel two video game panels in wake of death threats?

Trials Dev launches new studio called Motionvolt


VR News

New PlayStation VR montage trailer revealed

Study suggests that Playstation VR has strongest unaided awareness – HTC Vive the weakest.

Mirada nabs Digital Hollywood VR awards

VR maybe slow to take off – according to analyst


MPC delivers hair raising VFX for “Goosebumps”

“The Last Witch Hunter” breakdown

“Transporter Legacy” by Mac Guff

Best of “True Blood” VFX by Zoic Studios