realghostbusters-flashbackAnimation News

“Ghostbusters” Animated film in development

Animation Show of Shows adds screening dates

A conversation with Genndy Tartakovsky about “Hotel Transylvania 2”

Ken Duncan talks about new scenes in “The Iron Giant”

Disney releases practical guide to Hyperion

Screen-Shot-2015-09-29-at-9.55.49-PMVFX News

Which London VFX house is closing shop?

“Pacific Rim 2” release date removed from Universal Pictures calendar

Zack Snyder in talks to do a Watchmen TV series

Women in VFX – Breaking in

Terminator sequels on hold indefinitely

“Enchanted 2” sequel heats up at Disney

Taika Waititi possibly directing “Thor: Ragnarok”

Marvel’s “Damage Control” gets order

Fallout-4-WorkshopVideo Game News

New “Fallout 4” video offers deep dive into creation

“Call of Duty: Black Ops 3” casts Christopher Meloni

Sega expects to axe 200 jobs 

SEA-VR_header-792x300Virtual Reality News

SEA-VR announces more speakers and exhibitors

How the sausage is made – Henry trailer

Ridley Scott confirms work on VR film

Condition One launches on Gear VR

“World War Toons” maker Reload Studios raises $4 million

Building Epic VR – it takes time

Greenlight VR and virtual umbrella reveal European VR ecosystem map

Sense of Presence documentary released

Valve designer says developers to blame for VR sickness

1456503118106876849New Tech

Disney has invented 3D coloring books

Zbrush Summit on Youtube

Pixar story artists test drive the Apple Pencil

150 Free Blender Shaders

Blender muscle tools released