Most places do Top 10 lists. We decided to give this list a little extra juice and add one more film you should keep on your radar. Here are the  Top 11 animated films that have got us excited for 2016.

Long Way North This beautiful hand-drawn film tells the tale of a young girl searching for her lost explorer father. Currently not slated to be released in the US. (January 27, France)


Kung Fu Panda 3The third and potentially final chapter in the Panda trilogy finds Po undertaking his biggest challenge yet – teaching Kung Fu to a village of Pandas. (January 29, DreamWorks Animation)


ZootopiaWhile it may seem like just another movie with anthropomorphized talking animals, Disney’s latest seems to have enough satirical wit, appealing character design and charm to set it apart from the flock. (See what we did there?) (March 4, Disney)


The Little Prince A mixed media effort blending CG animation, traditional and stop-motion, The Little Prince is based on the beloved children’s book and directed by the original Kung Fu Panda director Mark Osborne. (March 18, dist. Paramount Pictures)


The Angry Birds Movie OK, let’s just admit that this might be a two hour commercial for a mobile game. But remember what they said about The Lego Movie? We could be in for an unexpected treat. (May 20, Sony Pictures Imageworks)


Finding DoryThe sequel to one of the most successful and iconic animated films of all time, Pixar will be trying to put the so-so response of The Good Dinosaur behind them by revisiting to everyone’s favorite memory deficient fish. (June 17, Pixar)


The Secret Life of Pets From the team that brought you Minions, this film finally answer what it is that pets do when their owners are away. Hint: it’s exactly the shenanigans you imagined. (July 8, Illumination)


Sausage-Party-Movie-2016Sausage Party Definitely the strangest and most adult themed film on this list, Sausage Party was written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the “gentlemen” that brought you films like Superbad and This is the End. Leave the kids at home. (August 12, Nitrogen Studios)


Kubo and the Two Strings The first Laika feature directed by animator and CEO, Travis Knight, this stop motion film focuses on myth, monsters and mayhem in a Japanese inspired quest. (August 19, Laika)


Storks Ever wonder where babies come from? Here’s a hint – from long legged waterfowl. WB animation pulls back the curtain on the truth. (September 23, Warner Bros.)


Moana You’ve seen Disney princesses from France, China, Germany, Scotland, Colonial United States, New Orleans and the Middle East. Are you ready for one from the South Pacific? (November 23, Disney)