We spend a lot of heads-down time at Zerply, so much so that we often forget to look up and tell people what we’re actually doing over here. We’re working toward building a future where all creative professionals have a beautiful place to show their work, a suite of tools to connect and empower, and access to the best creative opportunities available in the world.

We’re fortunate to have a direct line to the people who best understand what our creative future will look like. Zerply’s invite-only community includes more than 11,000 of the world’s top tier production talent. Illustrators, animators, directors, and designers. A worldwide network of the artisans, engaged by Pixar, Dreamworks, Ubisoft, and Valve, who worked on the most impactful projects of the last decade.

In short, the best creative talent on the planet is on Zerply.

Today, we have some pretty big news. Over the past few months, we’ve been quietly testing out a way to help them get better gigs with less effort. At the same time, we solved a massive problem for production companies — how to recruit better quality talent while spending less time and money. The result? Zerply’s Creative Marketplace, which officially launched this morning.

We decided to tackle this issue for a simple reason: The current system is really messed up.

If you’re a creative professional, you can easily book an apartment in Buenos Aires for your vacation via Airbnb, but there’s still no decent way to book your next gig across town? Portfolio sites are generally passive, leaving the artists to shop their folios around town in much the same way they’ve been doing for decades. On the other side, recruitment sites rarely understand the creatives they’re trying to represent. It’s because of this inherent disconnect that some of the best creative talent on the planet struggle to find work, and companies miss available talent simply because neither side knows what the other is doing. Zerply’s Creative Marketplace seamlessly brings both sides together.

And guess what? It’s working really well. During our beta period, we’re seeing companies hire top talent five times faster than they historically have.

“We’re very excited about using Zerply’s service and have been over the moon with the results we’re getting. It is one of the most prolific services I’ve come across in finding talent and I think everyone should know about it!”Cinzia Angelini, Director MilaFilm

We have seen hundreds of the best open positions in film production, virtual reality, and game design placed right in front of the artists who are best for the jobs. We’re seeing creative talent effortlessly book their next great gig via Zerply, leaving them more time for life.

Freelancing is the way of the future — more than 54 million freelancers are already working in the U.S. alone — and creative professionals are leading the pack. From film production to advertising, music production to media, we’ve built a platform that empowers all creative professionals, regardless of where they are on the globe.

Ever wondered what it would be like to work with the best creative talent on the planet? Come find out for yourself: https://zerply.com/explore/talent