Have you ever used stock assets? Thousands of 3D artists are opening up their libraries and offering amazing models up for sale. Whether you are an independent creator or part of a full­fledged game design team, consider the following advantages of stock models for your next project.

  1. Time: Why reinvent the wheel when someone has already spent countless hours worrying about textures and rigging? Sir Isaac Newton once said that if he had ever seen further it was “by standing on the shoulders of giants.”
  2. Costs: If you are in charge of a team, you know how expensive it can be to commission a single model for your next game. Some games have such ambitious budgets that they never make it to market, or arrive too late to be relevant. Stock assets are budget­friendly, and come with clear licenses that open up multiple kinds of opportunities.
  3. Support: No need to worry about open meshes or glitchy topology. Great stock model sellers provide continuous support via forums or email, and are always willing to listen to your suggestions for improvement.
  4. Variety: Need a specific environment? Why conform to one design when you can pick and choose between dozens of options that explore different creative directions? Working on your own, these possibilities would probably narrow down to what you/your team can conceive within a reasonable amount of time. Marketplaces for 3D graphics are an open catalog to dozens of artists’ imaginations.
  5. Customizable: Robust stock assets provide a way for you to customize colors, textures and other important features. Watch out for customizable features under each product’s description. We have compiled a list of highly realistic graphic kits that can take your games to the next level:



Simple Town ­ Cartoon City Assets


Cars Pack


Low Poly Weapon Pack


Micro Monsters & Heroes Mega Bundle


Pacific Northwest Forest Toon Low Poly


Fantasy Enemy Pack


Simple Swords


Sci­fi Landscape Construction Kit


Small Town Main Street

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