Seattle based Senior Digital Artist Eliot Min has spent years in the trenches of the video game world. Branching off into his own indie fighting game project with “Cerebrawl,” here are his quick tips on how to make it in games.


Focus your portfolio – Think carefully about what position you want, and build your portfolio around that. A broad and scattered portfolio may confuse whoever is hiring even if all the work is high quality. What companies want is “plug and play,” so hiring untested talent can be risky, so having a focused portfolio helps put their mind at ease.

Put yourself out there – Artists can often be squirreled away in their studio working long hours in solitude making art. And that’s important of course, but I would argue that meeting and conversing with people is the second most important part of making a career. What I mean by this is that you should both aim to build your audience, so you’re not too dependent on any one place you work at, and also to build a professional network.

In Seattle, just like in any other city, it’s best if you know someone who already works at a studio. I moved from Providence before I started working at Disney Interactive, and I was able to find a job there because a friend I used to work with in Boston was working at Disney already.  Moving to Seattle was an enlightening experience for me, because it showed me how much it mattered to actually meet other creators. It builds both your audience and your network. Even in the internet age, word of mouth matters. So get out there! Meet people!


For more information about Eliot, or if you just want to say hello, check out his Zerply profile. If you’re interested in discovering more about his latest project “Cerebrawl,” head on over to the project’s dev blog.