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  • Top 8 Things to do at CTN Expo

    Going to CTN Expo 2015? Don’t worry, we’ve put together the best things you absolutely cannot miss out on!

    by Nov 19, 2015 News
  • News Roundup 11.6.15

    New studios, new TV shows, new film projects, new VR tech. Oh my, this was quite the week for new things. Find out all the latest in our weekly news roundup.

    by Nov 08, 2015 News
  • News Roundup – 10.30.15

    All the top headlines from this week in Animation, VFX, Video Games and VR. Happy Halloween, indeed.

    by Nov 02, 2015 News
  • News Roundup – 10.23.15

    With over 50 million views in less than a week, the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer exploded onto the internet with tantalizing glimpses at the mega blockbuster. Could anything else in this week’s news roundup compare?

    by Oct 24, 2015 News
  • News Roundup 10.16.15

    A slew of new TV series were announced this week, promising heavy VFX work. Also, new game developers are popping up all over the world. Find out the details in this week’s Zerply news roundup.

    by Oct 17, 2015 News
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